Map of Brittany For Finding Your Way With Confidence

First lets start from the top down. This map of Brittany shows you where you will be in France. I always like to know where I am in relations to other things. Brittany is France's most western point (512 on the map). Just southwest of Normandy (513) and northwest of the Loire (517).

When we want warm beaches we head to the Morbihan department. Southern Brittany France beaches have the warmest water. We spent a week there in the most beautiful cottage rental ever!

The Cote d'Armor which has the most dramatic red cliffed coast and I have to say is my favorite. From our hotel window we had a view of one of these beaches in France on the channel.

The Finistere has another beautiful coast. One of my top favorite romantic vacations spots. Stayed in a castle in the middle of a cow field close to the coast. Great hotel.

Now For The Best Road Map of Brittany

Gildas (my Breton husband) has the best sense of direction of anyone I know and even though he's lived in Brittany and been going there since childhood we still need to refer to a map or we would be lost.

Brittany France is my favorite place because it is still very old world, quaint and not touristy. It's such a fantastic break from my hectic life.

My map expert Gildas says, it's the level of detail that's important.When you get a map, get it to this scale: 1/250,000 1cm = 2.5 km

This map below fits Gildas' guidelines perfectly.

Scale 1:250,000 (1cm = 2.5km). At this level of detail it lists all the roads.

  • IGN (Institut Geographique National) Road Map to Bretagne

Now if you want to have all the small village names on the map you need a more detail:  Scale 1:200,000 (1cm = 2km)

  • Michelin Orange Map of Brittany
  • Berlitz Motoring Map of Brittany

If you really want more detail this map should do the job.

Scale 1:180 (1cm = 1.8km)

  • IGN AA touring Map France, Brittany

Now that you'll know where you're going, here's a guide to driving in France to make your exploring smoother.

Helpful Articles for Visiting Brittany France

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Where to Stay?
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Camping in Brittany offers some of the best camping in France.

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