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Travel blogs can be so entertaining, informative and give us an adventure from our armchair!  A good travel guide is a great benefit when you visit a place you don't know. Yet, there's so much noise out there how do you find the time to find the best?  Here's a list of quality information.  I'm compiling it slowly, as time allows, so please be patient, there's a lot to sift through.

Travel Guides Africa

Kenya Cultural and Heritage Safaris

Spend a day with the Masai and Samburu tribes.
Dance with Masai warriors, herd cattle and roam among wildlife.
Experience the nomadic cultural heritage on your Kenya safari.

Travel Blogs Asia

James is an independent wanderer for over 12 year specializing in Asia.  Immersed in the culture as he wanders, he has lots of helpful stories and travel information.

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