Christmas in France

Tradition, Custom and Delectable Desserts

Christmas in France is a very exciting time of year. All over the country there are special activities and French Christmas carols fill the air.

A great non–touristy time of year to visit France and wonderful immersion into French culture. Join in the Christmas celebrations in France!

French Christmas Carols

So, you're celebrating Christmas in France or perhaps creating French Christmas at home.  You can practice these French Christmas carols. Sing along and practice your French. They're a great way for the whole family to learn basic French and have fun too.

christmas in france notre dame tree

French Christmas Desserts

Bûche de Noël is not the only delicious French Christmas dessert. There are many colorful and tasty desserts coming from Provence (the famous, les treize desserts) and Alsace regions of France, and many more...

french christmas desserts
buchd de noel recipe

Yule Log Recipe
(Bûche de Noël)

The bûche de Noël is one of the popular French foods to serve at Christmas. You can have it at your holiday feast with this easy to use famous French desserts Yule log recipe.

French Christmas Traditions

Learn how the French celebrate Christmas and the French Christmas traditions they share as a country.

christmas in france creche scene
yule log traditions

Bûche de Noël Lore

The bûche de Noël is the oldest French Christmas tradition. The first mention of it appears in Celtic Brittany. Today it is a dessert but back then it was a log from a tree which is what "buche" means in french.

Christmas in France Regionally

Regional Christmas Traditions in France

Christmas traditions in France have so many interesting regional differences. Provence, Brittany France, Normandy, the Alps, to name a few all have their own ancient Christmas customs that they still celebrate today.

Christmas Market in Equisheim, Alsace, France ©Creative Commons

Santon de Provence

tradtional santon de Provence creche

Santon de Provence are traditional nativity figurines originating from the region of Provence just after the French revolution. Today they are used across the country to decorate homes for Christmas.

Top Ten Christmas Gifts

gallery layfayette christmas tree

Take a look at our pick for the top ten Christmas gifts for those special people in your life that love France.

Paris at Christmas

Paris at Christmas is a wonderland of beauty with lots of fun things to do. A hop, skip, and a jump for you lucky folks who live nearby. Do a weekend in Paris!

paris at christmas tree notre dame

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