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Gites Brittany – What is a Gite?
A gite is a holiday rental that is almost always in the countryside. (but sometimes in towns). Technically to be called a gite the owner must live nearby so they can welcome you and help if you need it.

Gites Brittany – Why rent a gite?

There are several good reasons to rent a gite in Brittany:
1) You want to explore one area (department)
2) You want to self-cater, i.e. cook most or all of your own meals.
3) You want to save money.
4) Quiet and Privacy – no maid knocking at your door to clean your room.

When not to rent a gite?
1) You don’t want to stay in one place for a week.
2) Last minute getaway or unsure of your exact holiday dates
3) Hate to cook
4) Need to be where the action is.

Gites are in the countryside and Brittany France has a lot of beautiful countryside and an amazing coast which is why it's my favorite place.

They are often converted farm workers cottages, outbuildings and barns. That’s not to say they are not nice comfortable places. All gites have to comply with government standards for operation. Sometimes they may be in a town as a flat or apartment rental.

And keep in mind that most gite rentals are from Saturday to Saturday. Sometimes during off-season there are exceptions. Who knows they may be dying to rent the place for a few days?

Gites Brittany – Where to Stay?

Explore one area.

There are many agencies that rent gites (the oldest and most well known is Gites de France) and each agency has a lot of properties. The number of choices for Gites Brittany is overwhelming and how do you choose? The first thing we do is deciding what part of Brittany we want to explore in-depth. Once we’ve figured that out the playing field is smaller, thank goodness.

The South Coast
Morbihan – Warmest beaches, boating, more people
Southern Finistere – rugged coastline, sheltered beaches almost as warm as Morbihan
Loire Atlantic –wide sandy beaches and marshland, lakes and woodland inland.

The North Coast
Cote d’Amor – pink granite coast, very picturesque and historic
Northern Finistere – rugged, windswept, spectacular landscape, fewer people
Ille et Vilaine – beautiful emerald coast – rugged coast and sandy beaches

The last time we planned a trip was in August. We wanted warmer weather, warmer beaches for our young niece and boating for us. So we narrowed our search down to the Morbihan department in southern Brittany. It has the warmest beaches of Brittany and as you could guess, more people there in the summer to enjoy it.

We started our search in February and it was too late. All the good places were taken. It’s best to start looking in December for August dates. Brittany is the second most popular tourist destination in France and the French take their holiday in August. AKA High season!

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