Camping In Brittany
Resort or Rough?

Our Breton cousins have been camping in Brittany their whole lives. They started as kids with their parents and then in turn with their own kids.

When I think of camping I think Sauvage (what the French call camping rough), but boy were my eyes opened. I am astounded by the huge array. From pitch sites to some places that are literally like staying at a resort. And the cost is unbeatable. For kids, a wonderland and stuff for parents too. And peace and solitude off season.

Camping in Brittany is definitely a fabulous choice with or without kids. There are choices to please us all.

Brittany is quaint and rural with a spectacular coast. Most campsites are on or near the beach which makes for great camping.

Why Camp?

Save Money, nothing beats the price when camping in Brittany. Compared to a gite or a hotel the savings can be huge. Prices range in high season from 35 euros or more for a four star location to 15 euros for 1 star. And often free for Camping Sauvage.

Pristine Locations, near to Nature, sometimes steps away from the ocean!

Not only in Brittany, when camping in France your experience can be close to luxurious depending on the facility you choose. Some offer pristine pools in and outdoor, bars for the parents, and stuff for the kids to do. Private toilet/shower facilities can be reserved for an extra fee at some places.

If you are planning to do a lot of camping in Brittany and/or explore the rest of France as well:

You might want to get the CCI (International Camping Carnet) card. You get 10% discount at listed campsites in the booklet provided with membership, an ID card and 3rd party insurance coverage.

Camping in Brittany - French rating system

There are 1 - 4 star ratings based on amenities.

1 star: usually more remote (always toilets and running water but sometimes only cold water)

2 stars: also usually more remote, but with toilets and hot and cold running water.

3-4 stars: big with lots of amenities (including electricity for tents and caravans) Sometimes you can hire tents, caravans, or rent bungalows. Our cousin Isabelle has has been camping Brittany all her life and she suggests her favorite 4 star places plus other great spots of where to camp.

A star denotes amenities, like in hotels but doesn't denote how clean the place is or how well run.

To be sure you get the best options look for these affiliations:

Camping de Qualite is a designation given to those places that meet high standards of cleanliness, service and privacy.

Le Clef Vert (the green key) is an ecolabel for tourist facilities that conform to a high standard of environmental friendliness.

Caravan Holidays in Brittany

Sites to accommodate you and your caravan. Stay for a week or longer, or some places just a night. Our cousin Paul loves Brittany caravan holidays. He took a great ten day tour of the south coast. He has shared his itinerary with us in detail. Looks like a fabulous trip.

Camping Sauvage (rough)

Lots of stars - in the sky

You camp on someone's land. You must ask permission first or else you might be chased off unpleasantly, i.e. with dog or gun. Some spots are so pristine, and it's common practice so don't be afraid to ask but do ask first.

Gildas(my husband) remembers as a kid at camp in Brittany they spent a night in a big tent on some farmers land. Even the same kind of tent like that episode in Darling Buds of May when the Girl Guides did the same thing(only in England of course).

Please Note, camping in France on public land is officially off limits. However, it is widely practiced.

Camping in Brittany - Where to Go?

Most of the campsites are on the coast with a few scattered inland. To make it simple, when camping in Brittany your geographic choices break down into three areas:

1- Northern Coast Brittany beaches in France

2- South Coast Brittany France Beaches

3- West Coast

4- The Interior

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