Top Tourist Attractions In France For Visitors

There are a multitude of tourist attractions in France for visitors like you and me. The richness of French culture gives us so many choices of things to do and have fun learning about.

Looking at the  top 10 attractions in France in terms of number of visitors, 8 of those are in Paris.  Paris is the most visited city in Europe and has many  beautiful sites to see.  The remaining top 2 attractions are in Normandy and the Loire.  First we start in Paris.

The Top Paris France Attractions

monuments of Paris

If your trip begins in Paris and this is your first time start with these monuments of Paris and then work your way outward.

On the outskirts of Paris

  • Euro Disney France
    If you don’t have the option of visiting the Parks in the US this is a great place to go especially for kids. Only 45 minutes outside Paris, it’s identical to Disney parks in the US except they speak French. For info on where to stay see Disney Paris hotels

Day trip From Paris

Worth visiting in Paris if you have more time are two very impressive and important museums:

  • Georges Pompidou Centre
  • Musee d’Orsay
tourist attractions in france

Degas dancer in the Musée d'Orsay

Tourist Attractions in France Beyond Paris

  • Mont St. Michel – Normandy
  • Loire Valley
tourist attractions in France

Chateau Chenonceau in the Loire Valley

For those of you who have more time to explore -  click on the photos below and check out these areas of France definitely worth visiting.

  • In northwest France on the coast is Brittany and Normandy.  Both have amazing coastlines and each region has it's unique culture.  Brittany has Celtic ruins and beautiful villages.  Normandy is famous for it's d day beaches.
brittany france




  • Alsace is in the east next to the border with Germany.  Germanic culture is inherent in the region.  The Alsace wine region is famous and really great to tour around.

French Beaches

france travel vacations dordogne

The Dordogne


  • The beaches in France are famous especially the Riviera.
  • The Dordgone is where Lascaux cave was discovered and the early cave drawings.
  • Bordeaux wine region is where the finest wine is grown in France.  You can tour vineyards and sample wine.   

The Most Famous Places in France

Carcassonne France


Enjoy your trip.  No matter where go you'll have a wonderful adventure in French culture!

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Photos: Normandy, Alsace & French Beaches courtesy Creative Commons.

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