Paris Facts

Map of France - red dot indicates location of the city of Paris ©Creative Commons

Helpful Paris Facts

Country: France

Continent: Europe

Region: Ile de France in Northern France

Altitude: 114 ft/34 m

Distance From Other Cities:
Less than 1 hr by air from London and the cities of Western Europe.

Language: French

Currency: Euro

Electricity: 220-240 volts. Double and/or triple pronged plugs. Easy to buy a converter/adapter to bring with you.

Paris Time Zone: Central European Time, one hour ahead of GMT.

paris facts

Paris Facts - Weather

So important when planning your trip to Paris.  Always plan for some rain no matter what time of year.  Summers have gotten very hot over the years.  And not all hotels have AC. These averages below are a bit on the optimistic side.

Average winter temperature 3 -8 C/37-47 F,
summer high 25C/76F, low 15 C/60F
Rain expected anytime of the year and if heavy, only for a short time span, rarely snows. For the current weather forecast and climate for Paris France click here.

Click here for facts about Paris France history and finding your way around

Population of Paris: Paris population is over 2 million

Paris geography: Size: 460 sq. miles/1200 sq km

Physical: In Northern France bisected by the River Seine

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