Rennes Flights
Get to Brittany Fast

There are two ways to get to Rennes.
1) Rennes flights direct
2) Connecting flights through Paris
Rennes is the only international airport officially in Brittany. (Nantes is now in the Loire-Atlantic provence)

Direct Flights

From the UK: departing from Manchester, Southampton, Birmingham, Exeter, and Edinburgh operated by Flybe Airline.

From Ireland: departing from Dublin operated by Aer Lingus

Indirect Rennes Flights:

From the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand:

You cannot fly direct. However, connecting flights through Paris Roissy- Charles-de-Gaulle leave several times a day which is helpful. Operated by Air France.
Please double check that your connection to Rennes departs from the same Paris airport that you arrive in. Most likely you’ll be arriving into de Gaulle which is 26 mi (41 km) to the north of Roissy airport. After a long plane ride and jet lag the last thing I’d want to do is spend the day traveling to the south of Paris to Roissy airport.

You might want to check out It gave me an overview of all my flight choices so I could choose the cheapest flight at a glance. I have not booked a ticket through them just did some research.

We usually start with Kayak but at least initially this one seemed quicker and clearer. And I’m all for clarity. I don’t want to spend weeks researching my options.

From the UK and Ireland’s many regional airports:
Flights to Rennes connect in Paris Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle or Paris Orly.

Why a Rennes Flight?

Rennes it is a great destination choice. Especially if you are visiting the Emerald Coast, Mont St. Michel, Dinard, the port city of St Malo. And, because Rennes is inland you have access to all of southern Brittany as well. Rennes is a big transportation hub. It’s a central hub for the TGV and all the major roads of Brittany run through it. One year, we took the TGV to Rennes and rented a car from the train station and started our holiday from there.

Rennes itself is steeped in history with lots to see and enjoy. The airport is only 8km (5mi) from the city center. There is regular bus service from the airport or you could take a taxi. Should you choose to drive like we do, there is car hire available at the airport and in town.

Rennes is approximately 350km from Paris, closer to Paris than any of the other Brittany fly to destinations.

Flying to Rennes is a great choice to start your holiday.

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