Basic French Phrases
English to French Phrases

Learn these basic French phrases and you learn French online free right here. These French sayings will help you get around and communicate as you travel through France.

Even by learning basic French words you will start to experience the culture of France. Plus, the French will love you if you try.

Learn French Words
Start Easy With the Basics

  • Bonjour
    Hello/good day
  • Bonsoir
    Hello/good evening
  • Merci
    Thank you.
  • S’il vous plait.
    (seel voo ple)
  • Oui
  • Non
  • Pardon
    Excuse me.
  • Enchante
    Nice to meet you

Check out the custom of French culture. It’s helpful to understand the basics so you’ll be well treated and they won’t perceive you as a boor. After all, we want to be liked.

Basic French Phrases

learn french online free

A little more complex translations of English to French phrases.

Je parle un peu le Français.
I speak French a little.

Parlez-vous anglais?
Do you speak English?
( par-leh vooz ahn-gle? )

Parlez plus lentement, s’il vous plait.
Please speak more slowly
( Par-leh pleu lahnt-mahn, seel voo play. )

Repetez, s’il vous plait.
Please repeat.
( Par-leh pleu lahnt-mahn, seel voo play. )

The words of love:
French love words and French love phrases.

In a restaurant

To the maître d’ or waiter:

Bonsoir, une table pour deux, s’il vous plait.
Hello, a table for two please.
( Bohn-swahr ewn tahbl poor duh, seel voo ple)

Quick and easy:
Deux personnes, s’il vous plait.
Two people please.
(Deh pairson, seel-voo-play)

Non fumeur
Non smoking
(noh fu-mere)

Point to the menu item you want to order and say:
Je voudrais
I would like. (Zher voodreh)

Ou sont les toilettes?
Where are the toilets? (oo sahn lay toile-ette)


Always always always say ‘Bonjour’ when you enter a shop and to the cashier when you pay. This is the custom of French culture.

Quick and easy:
Je voudrais
I would like.
(zhuh voodreh)

The salesperson may ask you when you’ve paid for your item:

Voulez vous un sac?
Would you like a bag?
(Voolay voo ahn sack)

Post Office

Bonjour, Je voudrais achetez des timbres pour carte postal pour les états unis/Angleterre/Australie/Canada/
Hello, I would like to buy some post card stamps for the… US/England/ Australia/Canada.
(bon-jur, ge vu-dray ash-tay day tom-bra pour cart post-al pour lay…)

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Je m’appelle…
My name is…
(zhuh ma-pell)

J’ai une réservation…
I have a reservation.
(zhay feh rayzehrvay)

…pour une personne
…for one person (single)
(poor ewn pehrnson)

…pour deux personne
…For two people (double)
(poor der pehrnson)

avec douche
with shower
(ahvehk doosh)

avec salle de bains
with bathroom
(ahvehk sahl deh bahn)

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When all else fails and you are overwhelmed and frustrated:

  • Je ne parle pas Francais.
    I don’t speak French
    (zher neh parl pa frahn-say)

With these basic French phrases and armed with a little phrase book you can visit France. Learn French abroad by interacting with the people and hear the language spoken. You’ll learn basic French phrases almost effortlessly.

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