Weather Forecast France

France climate is a temperate one and the weather forecast France varies with the season.

The temperatures below are listed in Fahrenheit.  Click on the temperature banners for full forecast details.

Below is the weather forecast France for popular holiday destinations.

Weather in Paris

For more information on the climate in Paris France and best season to visit...

weather forcast france paris

Paris in August at Jardin du Luxembourg

Weather Forecast France
Nice and the Mediterranean Coast

The French Riviera which includes Nice, is one of the warmest areas in France year round.

Spring is a great time to visit with the start of outdoor activities and Easter in France is a very festive. Mardi Gras starts the Easter season in Nice – very popular time to go there. Lots of fun.

weather forcast france nice

Carnival in Nice

Weather Forecast France

Brittany France is my favorite place. Sunny days and rainy days with a moderate climate. A French joke about Brittany weather is that you have two seasons, winter and August 15th.

weather forcast france brittany self catering cottage

A Self Catering Brittany cottage in August.

France Weather Forecast

Normandy shares the same kind of weather with Brittany.

weather forcast france normandy mont saint michel

Mont Saint Michel in Normandy

France Weather Forecast
Biarritz and the Atlantic Coast

Biarritz is the surfing capital of Europe.

The French beach is a popular and beautiful destination be it the Atlantic, Mediterranean coast or the beaches on the English Channel.

weather forcast france biarritz french beach

The beaches of Biarritz ©Creative Commons

Forecast for Weather France
Alsace /Northeastern France

This part of France experiences snow in winter and beautiful alpine summers.

For a closer look at Alsace see our Alsace map.

weather forcast france alsace

Chateau Saint Ulrich in Alsace ©Creative Commons

France Weather Forecast
The French Alps

The most yearly snowfall in France with lots of skiing plus in summer, alpine hiking.

Mont Blanc is one of the famous places in France, the highest point in the Alps.

weather forcast france mont blanc

Mont Blanc ©Creative Commons

How to Get Around:
Driving in France gets you to out of the way places you don’t want to miss. A guide for you driving experience.

It’s important to choose a good road map France so you find your way with confidence. Here’s our best of.

Flying to France? Airports in France that serve where you want to go.

Where to stay?
Where to Stay? Try camping in France on or near the beach. 5 star French campgrounds are like resorts or camp rough under the stars.

Want a French Riviera holiday rental? Here is a self catering france guide to get you started.

What to eat?
Need to Eat? Lucky you cause France food is the best. Here is a great guide to make ordering easier.

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