French Culture And Travel Guide

French Culture Adventures is created to give you insights and information on French culture and practical travel tips so you can design a French travel experience that’s unique to you.

Whether it’s your first time to France or your thirtieth, the information here can help you design a trip to France specially suited to you. Your tastes, hobbies, special needs, and cultural interests.

I’ve absorbed a huge amount of personal knowledge about the culture of France. Traveling to France since childhood and now married to a Frenchman.

Experiencing France as a member of a French family has given me the ability to see France through two sets of eyes, the insider and the outsider. It’s a unique perspective that I’m excited and delighted to share with you.

Think of me as your internet travel guide to the culture of France (my expertise), your France travel guide that will help you understand some of the finer points of France and everything French. Plus practical travel tips we have learned along the way. You can have a vacation that is extraordinary, not just the tourist experience.

french culture Sainte Chapelle in Paris

Sainte Chapelle in Paris

The Delights of French Culture

Here’s what you’ll find on this website to help you experience the best of France on your trip:

Accommodations: From luxury hotels to the budget chains, to a self catering France cottage, where’s the best place for you to stay to really experience the culture of France?

french culture Brittany France

Brittany France

Places to visit in France: Both major and off the beaten path—where should you go?

Fun things to do in France: Viewing the work of famous French painters in museums like the Louvre Paris France to a French golf holiday, how do you find the things that you love to do in France?

French culture pre history museum the dordogne region

Pre History Museum

French Customs: What is Christmas in France like and other holidays? How do you dress to blend in? When and where are the festivals in France?

Language: What if you don’t speak French or speak it very well?

Famous French Food: What’s the difference between a mousse and a bûche de Noël? (And our families’ accumulation of French recipes.)

french culture sarlat france market chantel cheese

chantel cheese at the Sarlat market in the Dordogne

As you experience France and French culture you’ll discover amazing food, incredible art, fashion, history, wine… Every visit to France is a new adventure. Plus French beaches (the best in Europe), Mont Blanc the highest mountain in western Europe, the most enchanting villages like those in Brittany France and the most magnificent rivers such as the Dordogne.

french culture dordogne river valley

the Dordogne River and Valley

Plus there’s a place on this site for you to share your experiences. And I love to hear from you. Stories are so interesting and offer us your unique insights into France.

You don’t need to marry a Frenchman like I did, but it does give me insights and funny stories to guide you on your journey into France and French Culture.

Bon Voyage!

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