Disney World Paris
Euro Disney France

Disney world Paris is a theme park of the Walt Disney Company located in France and more precisely in Marne-la-Vallée, Seine-et-Marne. Euro Disney France is only 45 minutes by bus or car from the center of Paris. The park opened April 12, 1992. Believe it or not, Euro Disney France is one of the top 10 most visited tourist destination in France!

If you have no opportunity to visit Disneyland in California or Florida then this is your opportunity. Disneyland Paris holidays are great fun for the whole family, children and “children at heart”. And not only that, Mickey Mouse speaks French! Everything is clean and the staff are smiling, polite and happy to serve you. My brother-in-law goes every year with his family during the holidays.

The Euro Disney France theme park is composed by 5 different lands/universes:

  • Main street USA recreates a small-town of United States in the early 2Oth century
  • Frontierland recreates the vintage spirit of the Wild West with amusements such as the wild Mine Train ride, the haunted house, rides on a boat or the Indian village for children.
  • Adventureland recreates the famous world of Robinson Crusoe, Jack Sparrow, and the adventures of Indiana Jones.
  • Discoveryland recreates a world of curiosity. Enjoy your travel to the moon with Space Mountain, into space with star tours, and into the abyss with Jules Vernes.
  • Fantasyland is the best universe for children, with rides and the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle giving life to the fairy tales and animated films of Disney.

Disney World Paris also has an extension called Walt Disney Studio Park

This park brings you into the world of Hollywood with four film studios giving you behind the scenes reenactment of filming and special effects. This extension also contains attractions and live shows.

Disney World Paris is the only one in Europe to date, and is part of the essential places to visit during your stay in Paris.

Do you want to have fun in a truly French theme park? Asterix Park depicts the time of the Romans in France with lots of water rides.

Where to stay?
Check out the following hotel options:

Budget: For a cheap holiday to Disneyland Paris stay at one of our suggested chain hotels and motels in France.

Expensive: You might want to check out a Eurodisney hotel in partnership with Disney World Paris. They are well reviewed and a bit less expensive.

Luxury: Disneyland Hotel Paris

Hotels in Paris France are only 45 minutes by train or car to Euro Disney.

Euro Disney France is one of the country's most visited tourist destinations. Check out the other top tourist destinations in France.

You can get Disneyland Paris breaks with a Disneyland Paris package that includes park entry tickets and a Eurodisney hotel. The Euro Disney France website can give you more information.: Disneyland Paris official website.

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