Flights to Brittany

There are two main ways to fly to Brittany:

1) Flights to Brittany direct
2) Connecting flights through Paris, or other major European cities.

Since we live in California, we really only have one choice, a connecting flight. I guess we could take a cruise ship but that would take a long time. Maybe when I retire!

Brittany is easy to get to and flying is the one choice that gets you there the fastest. (Other ways to get to Brittany: ferry, train, car or a combination thereof, which is what we do.)

Brittany France is my favorite place. Quaint, old world charm, beautiful coast and Celtic/French culture.

Flights to Brittany

Two International Airports:

Rennes in the north
Nantes in the south. (Nantes is no longer officially in Brittany but as far as the Bretons are concerned, it still is. After all, it was once the capital of Brittany.)

Seven domestic airports:

Brest, Lorient, Quimper, Lannion, St. Brieuc, Dinard, and Morlaix.

1) Direct flights to Brittany

To Nantes:
From the UK, London Gatwick or Luton Airports, once a day.
From Toronto and Montreal, Canada (summer only)

Nantes, the most eastern point of southern Brittany that you can fly to, is a good destination because from here you can easily access the southern Brittany coast. The seaside resort towns of St.-Nazaire and La Baule are a short drive away while further west the Morbihan coast and beyond.

To Rennes:
From Ireland and the UK Rennes flights are easy.

Rennes, the most eastern point in the north that you can fly into, is the capital of Brittany and a big transportation hub for all trains to going to all regions of Brittany.

To Brest:
From the UK.

Check out the UK regional airline Flybe for detailed information on the Brittany cities it services, once a week or a couple times a week:

2)Flights to Brittany connecting in Paris.

Paris has two airports: Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle (CDG) and Orly (ORY). Make sure your incoming flight and connecting flight leave from the same airport! Roissy/Charles de Gaulle is located in the north of Paris and Orly is in the south. They are 26 mi (41 km) apart. So it’s a big time consuming pain to switch airports!

I have found that flights from the USA leaving NY JFK, or California LAX or SFO are cheaper with the connection terminating in Nantes. (flights into Rennes are more expensive)

My favorite way to get to Brittany is to fly direct to Paris. We love to spend some time in Paris at either end of our trip and enjoy at least a few overnight stays at a hotel. We sometimes rent a car in Paris and drive to Brittany or we take the TGV (high speed train) to Rennes then rent a car.

For other destinations in France see...airports in France


A Flight to Brittany, Which Airport is Best to Begin Your Holiday?

Morlaix: If you’re visiting the Northern Finistere coast

Brest: West part of the Finistere which is the most western point of Brittany

Quimper: Southern part of the Finistere: Pont-Aven, Concarneau, Douarnenez

Lorient: Southern Brittany: Gulf de Morbihan, Carnac, Quiberon, Vannes

Lannion: Pink Granite Coast

My mother-in-law when visiting her sister in the Cote d’Armor flies from the USA through Paris into Lannion, which is the regional airport, you’d use when going to the Pink Granite Coast.

Dinard: Emerald Coast, Mont St. Michel, St-Malo

St. Brieuc: Northern Cotes d’Armor, Bay of St. Brieuc

Flights to Brittany saves travel time, giving you that extra time to spend there on your holiday.

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