Top Ten Christmas Gifts for the lover of all things French

Here is my list of the top ten Christmas gifts for the Francophile in your life.

My first immersion into French culture was at the age of 22 when I visited a friend’s family in France at Christmas. It was an amazing experience all new to me of language, food and customs.

I've chosen gifts below that reflect that wonderful feeling of France at Christmas so you can give your friends and family a little spark of France.

#1 French wine Champagne

What a better way to celebrate Christmas than with an authentic bottle of French Champagne or wine? A great gift for the wine lover in your life. Choose from many possibilities such as the Bonnaire Grand Cru Blane de Blancs pictured on the left to...

NV Champagne Jacquinot & Fils: Champagne Private Cuvee 750 mL

NV Je T'aime Brut Champagne 750 mL

#2 Vintage French Posters

Vintage French posters are so colorful and are a wonderful addition to a room. From the posters of the famous French painter Toulouse Lautrec to posters of wine (very popular) or food or the classic bicycling posters.

#3 French Press Coffee Pot

For the coffee lover, a French press coffee pot is an age old technique of brewing coffee or tea. It makes for a delicious result.

This technique is thought to have be created by a Frenchman in the 1800s.

#4 French Macarons

A traditional French dessert French macarons are made with egg white and ground almonds. Totally gluten free. They come in an assortment of colors and flavors making it a really pretty gift.

#5 Christmas Ornament Decorations

There are great tree ornaments to remind someone of their stay in France. This a glass one of Paris by Kurt Adler.

#6 French Stationary

There is nothing like classy French stationary. Choose from classic Eiffel Tower designs to note cards and calenders of the French impressionists. These note cards are from French fabric prints.

top ten christmas gifts

#7 French Chocolate Truffles

A staple in French households at Christmas French chocolate truffles are light fluffs of chocolate dusted with cocoa powder. The first time I tasted one I thought I was in heaven!

Chocmod Truffettes de France Natural Truffles 2.2 lbs

#8 French Scarves

There is nothing more French than a scarf. A perfect gift for her, a French scarf is something every woman can wear.

Choose from the classic luxury of screen printed and hand-rolled,

To to wear every day.

top ten christmas gifts

#9 Santon de Provence

Santons from Provence are traditional creche figurines. Made and originating in the French region of Provence they make for a very thoughtful gift.

In the traditional Provençal creche there are many figurines depicting all the various people in the village of the 19th century. The truly beautiful santon figurines are handmade by local artisians. Of the top ten Christmas gifts of France this is one of my favorites.

There are many beautiful

#10 Romantic Trip to France

The most romantic gift is a trip to France. In winter there are many money saving France vacation packages and many travel packages to France available for Spring and Summer at a cost saving when you book ahead of time.

Paris vacation packages offered by Priceline can save you up to $500 for hotel and flight.

I really like Accor hotels. You can choose from budget to luxury accommodations. They are all very modern and you can control the heat, very important if you are visiting in the cold Christmas season. They also offer promotions from saving money by booking early to saving by staying longer. Take a look to see what they are offering now: Book your hotel on !

I hope these French top ten Christmas gifts helped you check off your list of presents for your family and friends.

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Images: champagne; truffles; courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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