Famous Places in France

Famous places in France reflect the rich culture of France. Its history and spectacular landscape figure prominently in what you’ll see. I’ve compiled what I consider the places not to be missed.


From the loins of Paris France history springs the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Paris France Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe to name a few of the most famous French monuments. It is also a city of today (the center for French fashion designers for example).

Of the famous places in France, the famous theme park, Euro Disney France is high on the list. It’s a very popular tourist attraction in France especially for Disneyland Paris holidays… see Monuments of Paris.

The top ten tourist attractions in France are in Paris or close by.

Famous places in France outside of Paris

Monet’s Gardens at Giverny

On the top of the list of famous French artists and famous French painters is Claude Monet. Of the school of French Impressionists, his house and gardens at Giverny are open to the public. You can walk among the gardens that were the subject and inspiration for many of his paintings. This is an easy day trip from Paris.

Versailles Castle

Built by King Louis XIV, then home to the succeeding French monarchy until the French Revolution. Versailles Palace is opulent and extravagant beyond compare. One of the Famous places in France high on the list. Easy to do day trip from Paris.

Normandy D Day Beaches in Normandy

The site of the landings of allied forces during WWII to free France from German occupation… see Beaches in Normandy.

Mont St. Michel

In Normandy Mont St. Michel is a site not to miss. It is the greatest Benedictine monasteries of the Middle Ages. It also became a political prison during the French Revolution. One of the greatest tourist attraction in all of France.

Chateaux of the Loire

Home to the most magnificent castles in France. Among them, Chambord is the biggest and Chenonceau the most romantic.

French Riviera

The French Riviera is home to the famous French Riviera beaches , the chic city of St. Tropez, and Eze France, the most famous hilltop village on the Riviera.


Bordeaux is famous for its fine wine and is the world’s largest fine wine region. Some of the best French wine comes from the Bordeaux wine region of France… see Wine Regions of France.


In the Pyrennes, travel to Lourdes France became famous after the Virgin Mary appeared to the young girl, Bernadette. Many today visit Lourdes with ailments seeking miraculous cures. It is one of the most famous places in France for religious pilgrimages. There are crutches on display left behind by the people who were cured when they visited.


The famous medieval walled city of Carcassonne in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France is Europe’s largest walled city.

Lascaux II

The prehistoric cave paintings of Lascaux are located in the Aquitaine region of France. The Lascaux cave was closed to the public in 1963 because the public brought in bacteria that caused deterioration of the cave drawings. Today Lascaux II is a detailed reproduction that is said to be exact to the real cave. This is a not to be missed for historical background to the very important discovery that was made here. For the real thing, there are minor caves to visit in the area but only after you see this one.

The Battlefields of Verdun

In the Lorraine region of northeast France, Verdun France is the site of the WWI long bloody battle between the French and the Germans. Museums, monuments and tributes fill an eerie site where live bombs are still buried under large cordoned off areas.

Mont Blanc

The highest point in the Alps, Mont Blanc stands at 15,771 feet (4810 meters). The resort of Chamonix sits at the base and is one France’s most famous ski resort. It’s the largest of the 5 villages at the base of the mountain and offers many accommodations for visitors. Great place to stay for a romantic ski vacation or alpine hiking in summer.

How to Get Around:
Driving in France gets you to out of the way places you don’t want to miss. A guide for you driving experience.

It’s important to choose a good road map of France so you find your way with confidence. Here’s our best of.

Flying to France? Airports in France that serve where you want to go.

Where to stay?
Where to Stay? Try camping in France on or near the beach. 5 star French campgrounds are like resorts or camp rough under the stars.

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What to eat?
Need to Eat? Lucky you cause France food is the best. Here is a great guide to make ordering easier.

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