Famous French Musicians

Famous French musicians come from all disciplines. French music gives us many famous French singers, composers and instrumentalists.

The history of French music gives us classical French music; French folk music, French accordion music, and French pop music of today (and yesteryear).

What are your favorites in French music? I asked Gildas (my French husband) to share with us his favorite French singers and musicians. You can listen to his choices and read about them below.

Music And Songs
That Make Me Homesick for France

French Accordion Music

I have always loved valse mussettes played on the accordion. I will always remember walking through corridors at a Metro station and hearing a valse mussette being played in the distance: Indifferrence. It was magical, I could not tell down which of the many corridors the music was coming from, as if it was a siren calling for me.

If you loved the movie Amelie, then you probably liked the theme song: La Valse D'amelie. Written and performed by one of our famous French musicians, the marvelous composer and multi-instrumentalist Yann Tiersen. I love everything he does.

Check out this French music video of a live performance and tell me that the accordion can't be a hot instrument:

Famous French Singers of Classical French Music

As far as Famous French singers, I love the classics from Edith Piaf of course, but I also enjoy Madeleine Peyroux’s interpretation of classical French music like, J'ai Deux Amours:

When I have a hankering for some real old classical French music, I listen to Charles Trenet and his famous: Boum

Do you have a favorite of all the famous French artists? Who are your favorite French singers and musicians?

You can listen to famous French singers and French pop music on-line with the radio show France Musique France Musique- Listen Live

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Famous French Artists - Music
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Do you have a favorite of the famous French artists in music? Who are your favorite French singers and musicians? Share your story, tip or music review about the famous French artists that you love.

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