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Self-Drive South Coast Tour

Our cousin has been taking Brittany caravan holidays for years even though he’s lived in Brittany his whole life. There’s so much to explore. He took a really great ten day trip following the southern coast from Vannes to Brest Brittany.

Since this was years ago you will need to double check on the overnight stops.  This is a great bounty of information.  I love itineraries especially when I don’t have a lot of time to plan in detail before I go on a trip.

So below is his trip as translated from the French. A camping holiday in Brittany all laid out for you.  My notes are in brackets.

Brittany Caravan Holidays Tour Itinerary

Paul starts and ends his Brittany Caravan holiday tour in Pontivy but of course you start from where you like.

From Pontivy to Erdeven Kerhillio

From Pontivy, through Vannes city to the camping site at Erdeven Kerhillio by the ocean.  This campsite is half primitive, it is huge and you can set up camp on the dunes.

[We’ve spent part of our holidays in Vannes touring the city and there is a lot to see.  You could add a tour of the city onto your itinerary.]

Erdeven Kerhillio to  Gâvres

On the way to Gâvres we visited the area around Plouharnel, many megaliths. Among them the alignments of Kerzerho, the dolmen of Crucuno (the biggest rock in Brittany 66 tons), Cesar’s throne. Heading towards Lorient to get to the festival inter celtique passed by the charming little village of Saint Cado. The little house on the island is a favorite subject of painters and photographers.  Then on to the Pointe de Gâvres.

We passed the night in the parking lot next to the dunes right before the Pointe de Gâvres. (It belongs to the military but you have the right to park there in July and August)

We left Gavres to go to Lorient to see the festival inter-celtic.

Stayed the night in Doëlan.

Continue your Brittany caravan holidays tour from: Doëlan to  Trévignon.

In Doëlan there is a nice walk that follows the ocean.

We took off for Belon and there we took a nice walk on that path that follows the Aber River. We passed through Quimperlé that has paved streets, old stone houses, pretty churches, stone stairways, and a very picturesque bridge with flowers growing on the sides. Then through Pont Aven (did not stop in Pont Aven since it’s impossible to park with a Camping Car, and crowded), Port Manech , Rospico.

Stopped at Kerascoët to visit pretty little old village (15th century) with its thatch roofed houses.Then through Raguenes et Trévignon where there are more thatch roofed houses.

We stayed overnight at Camping Car Parking in Trévignon.

Continue your Brittany caravan holidays tour from: Trévignon to  Beg Meil.

We left Trévignon and headed to Concarneau, you can park your camping car in the paid parking lot in front of the medieval walled city on the island.   Concarneau is a great place to stock up on canned goods: sardines, mackerel, tuna, soups, and confit of scallops (specialty of the area).    

We then went to the Forest of Fouesnant, where you can see the old port, it’s huge granite church, Fouesnant, and  Beg Meil, which is a little seaside town at the mouth of the bay of the forest of Fouesnant.  There is a great creperie there, can’t remember the name, look at the guidebooks to find out.

Spent the night in Beg Meil, there is a parking where camping cars are authorized, has water, bathrooms, and is close to the beach of Kerambigorn.

Beg Meil - Pointe de la Torche.

Left Beg Meil  and passed through Pont l’Abbé et Loctudy. At Lesconil , known for its fishing port, we bought langoustines for dinner.  

We parked for the night and had our dinner at the point de la Torche next to St Guénolé.

Continue your Brittany caravan holiday tour from:Pointe de la Torche to Audierne.  

In St Guénole stopped to see the Eckmühl lighthouse at the tip of Point de Penmarch, nice view of the area from up there.

Took off in the direction of Audierne, going through Plomeur et Ploneour. There is a very pretty road through Penhors.

Had dinner in a restaurant in Audierne , a port town specializing in Langoustine, lobster, and white tuna.

We stayed overnight in Audierne ( I think next to the post office)

Audierne  to Pointe du Millier.

From Audierne we went to the Pointe de Raz to walk out to the tip. 

From there on a clear day you can clearly see the la Vieille lighthouse.

From there we continued to the Pointe du Van and the beach of Port Piron. We spent the night at the Pointe du Millier.

Continue your Brittany caravan holidays tour from: Pointe du Millier  to Locronan.Headed towards Confort-Meilars where  there was the feast of the 4 clock towers.  Attended a Breton mass in beautiful 16-century church. Headed towards Tréboul, then Douarnenez , then to Locronan. You can spend the night parked in Locronan. Beautiful little tourist town to visit. You can stock up on local foods there : Canned goods, crepes,  Kouign Aman, crème de Salidou, etc.

Locronan – Pointe des Espagnols. From Locronan headed to Crozon peninsula  passing by Menez-Hom.

Many great points to visit in the area: cap de la Chèvre, pointe de Dinan,  pointe de. Found a nice place to park for the night on the way to Pointe des Espagnols with a great view of the ocean.

Pointe des Espagnols to Brest.From the Pointe des Espagnol you have a great view of Brest across the bay. Headed back to Crozon then Landevenec . Nice picnic spot in the park next to the new abbey.To get to Brest we passed by Le Faon. Short quick visit in Brest : the castle,  le bridge of la Recouvrance (the most important raised bridge in Europe) and the  Tanguy tower. Found a place to park for the night next to the aquarium.

Conclude your Brittany caravan holidays tour from Brest and return back to Pontivy.

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