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If you love art, then the Louvre Museum in Paris France is at the top of your list.  The museum collection contains 35,000 works of art dating from 6th century BC up to the 19th century.

It's over 224 years old and the largest and most popular museum in the world. 9 million people visit every year!  It's one of the top Paris France tourist attractions and of all the things to do in Paris, this is a must see. 

When you plan or imagine a trip to Paris what do you visualize?  I would bet it includes the Louvre.

You could spend 100 days seeing everything.  You don’t have 100 days? Of course not, who could absorb and appreciate anything, you’d be on art overload.
You can appreciate the museum and its beautiful art even if you only have a day or half a day.

One of the ways to avoid hassles is to use our plan ahead guide with many useful details on visiting the museum.

A great way to plan ahead and not wait in long lines is to have your tickets ahead of time. The Paris Pass includes free entry to the Louvre and many other museums plus top Paris landmarks and tourist attractions.

Louvre Museum Paris France Fun Facts

Below highlights many fun and interesting facts about the Louvre museum.

Louvre Museum Paris France Facts

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Paris France Tourist Attractions

Louvre Museum - details on how to visit

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