French Beach Women

French beach women are renowned for their glamour. Topless or not, sunbathing beauties are drawn to the French Riviera beaches, and the French beaches on the western Riviera. The weather is warmer and sunnier than the other beaches in France.

French beach woman Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot in St Tropez, 1963

The most famous of French beach women is Brigitte Bardot. She appeared in St. Tropez in 1956 for the filming of And God Created Woman on the arm of the film’s director Roger Vandim. The whole world took notice and St. Tropez became the place for glamour and nightlife and for spotting the most beautiful and chicest of French women.

French beach women at Cannes beach

Cannes beach ©Alex Buhrmann

French women today, according to the press are forgoing the topless sunbathing custom of French culture for more coverage. The younger generation of women is more concerned with sun damage plus the trend seems to be shifting in general and they don’t see the point.

French beach women Bouzigues beach Languedoc Roussillon

Bouzigues beach, Languedoc Roussillon©Creative Commons

Do not be dismayed if you are a lover of more skin on the beach. There are a number of naturist resorts among the beaches in France for you to sun and swim in the buff.

Naturist beach in Brittany France

Naturist beach sign on the Morbihan coast in Brittany France © Creative Commons

The French beach is the most beautiful in Europe and French women have known this all along as well as the famous French painters Bonnard, Paul Signac, Matisse, and Picasso.

French beach women 1882, Manigaud print

Jean Clause Manigaud print - 1882

Famous women French artists, the writer Colette lived in St. Tropez for years and Anaïs Nin spent time on the French Riviera beaches.

Franch beach women vollyball team member Celine Gamise-Fareau

Celine Gemise-Fareau in St Poleten ©Creative Commons

France’s beach volleyball team adds skill, muscle and strength to the French beach women’s glamor.

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