Asterix Park
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Asterix Park is an amazing theme park telling the story of Roman Gaul in France. It is based on comic book characters well known in France called "Asterix and Obelix" as they try to outwit the Roman invaders of their small Gaulish village.

Asterix Parc is less known by foreigners than Disney World Paris, but is equally rich in excitement and fewer crowds. Large majority of the attractions are on water, so plan what you wear accordingly. It is located 30km from Paris via the A1 motorway in Plailly, France.

As with the Euro Disney France,

Asterix park is composed by 5 universes:

  • "Greece": In this section you will discover the world of the Olympus. Many attractions are available, including the sensational dolphin show. Another attraction is the sensational Tonnerre de Zeus "Thunder of Zeus”, a wooden roller coaster considered on of the top in Europe. Attention! The speed is 80km (50mph) with multiple sharp turns and descents whose largest is 30 meters.
  • "The Vikings": In this part, we discover the lifestyle and the incredible world of the mighty Vikings. Lots of really well done amusements rides. It includes the Viking ship, but it is imperative you test the "Goudurix” roller coaster. It starts with a huge rise overlooking the whole region, and then dives towards the ground at more than 75km/hour then a sequence of multiple loop (7 in total) and is one of the most amazing roller coasters in Europe. Repetitive loops, succession of corners and high speed make it an impressive attraction.
  • "Gaul": This part of the park immerses us in the era of French Gaul and their lifestyle recreated. The most impressive amusement ride is the 'Menhir Express', which slides on a Menhir (megalithic monument made with a block of stone standing vertically).
  • "The Roman Empire": In this part we find the Roman Empire, their culture and monuments. Several attractions are available including "Romus and Rapidus" where you cross a roman river on a boat (buoy giant). The attraction is very fun with lots of water splashes at unpredictable moments.
  • "Through Time": This part consists of traveling through time with lots of great attractions to delight all.

Asterix Park is one of the of 3 best amusement parks in France. (the other two are Disney World Paris, and Futuroscope) It is funny and offers many very impressive attractions. If you like laughter, excitement and you are visiting Paris it is a must see for families and the “young at heart”.


B.P. 8, Plailly, 60128 – France
Telephone: (33+) 344-62-34-04
Parc Asterix official website

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