Vanilla Sugar Recipe for
Famous French Desserts

This vanilla sugar recipe is very simple and easy to make. It is an ingredient in a lot of famous French desserts. It gives a lovely flavor to your fancy or easy French desserts that you won’t find without it.

It is called for in French apple tart and chocolate mousse recipes for example. And used in our French apple pie recipe.

It is very easy to find in the supermarkets in France. A cross between granulated sugar and powdered sugar, it's a common ingredient in dessert recipes in Europe and Eastern Europe as well. Outside of Europe it is hard to find except in specialty shops.

So here we go, the easiest recipe for Vanilla Sugar and does the job really well.

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Vanilla Sugar


4 cups granulated sugar (800 g)

1 whole vanilla beans

1. Add 4 cups sugar to an airtight container.

2. Add 1 vanilla bean and push it down into the sugar.

3. Close the container lid and let sit a week before using.

Each time you use some of the vanilla sugar add the same amount of unflavored sugar to the container by pouring out the vanilla sugar, put new sugar in the bottom and add the vanilla sugar on top. Be sure to keep the vanilla bean at the bottom.

Replace the vanilla bean every 2 months.

You can also double this recipe if you will be doing a lot of baking:

8 cups granulated sugar (1 ¾ kg)

2 vanilla beans

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