Traditional French Foods of the Rhône Valley
and the French Alps

Are you a gourmet? If so, then eating the traditional French Foods of the Rhône Valley and the French Alps is your dream come true.

Food of the Rhône River Valley

Starting at the heart of the Rhône valley is one of the most famous places in France for food, Lyon. Famous French chef Cuenonsky (1873-1956) called Lyon the capital of good eating. Lyon is the most famous French food city.

famous French food city of Lyon. View from the Saone river.Lyon from the river Saone

Food is just one of the many exciting things about the culture of France.

Traditional French Foods of Lyon

The Lyonnaise cooking trademark is simplicity, like traditional lyonnaise potatoes (potatoes, onion, parsley and butter). Using very fresh ingredients.

The Rhône is one of the important French wine regions. Luckily While eating out you will be offered the local wine .

Eating out: fine local traditional bistros (bouchons) are famous for great food. Regional French menus of Lyon feature the “tablier de spaeur” (local specialities of the day) and the local andouillette (sausage). Traditionally in these bistros the cooks are women.

  • Freshwater fish: from lakes of the Dombes in the north and the Alps to the east.
  • La friture du Rhône (fried fish); la matelote d’anguille (eel stew with wine and herbs); la morue a la lyonnaise (salt cod flaked with fried onions); la brochet meunière (pike with butter sauce)

No matter where you are in France food is an important part of the culture. Check out our France food menu guide for restaurant and bistro eating.

  • Game meats from the Dombes’ flat marshlands in the north.
  • Bresse Chicken: The Famous high quality chicken is raised in the flat agricultural region of Bresse in the north. It’s the only chicken with the label appellation contrôlée. Using Bresse chicken, popular French foods of the region include: La quenelle financière (quenelle with chicken kidney, lamb sweetbreads, mushrooms and truffles); la poularde demi-deuil (chicken with supreme sauce and truffles); le gâteau de foie blonde de volailles (chicken liver pie); le pintadeau de bruyère (guinea hen)
  • Wonderful cheeses : Tomme de Savoie, rigotte de Condrieu, Saint Marcellin, Bleu de Bresse, Cervelle de Canut (cream cheese w/ herbs)
traditional French foods Bresse blue cheese
  • Traditional French foods of the area include a multitude of charcuterie (pork products). Shops offer rosettes (sausages); la tête de cochon roulée et pistachée (pig’s head rolled with pistachios); le cervelat truffe (truffled saveloy); “jesus” (a Large Lyon sausage); jambonneau (ham from the foreleg)
  • Warm sausages are traditionally served with cooked potatoes.

  • Fruit: peaches, pears, and cherries from the orchards in the south.
  • Walnuts
  • Famous French desserts of the region: clafoutis (traditionally made with cherries), bugnes (deep fried powerded sugar pastry traditionally eaten during lent), matefaims, pognes de Romans (pastries and fritters), local walnut cakes, and flans.

Love dessert? Eat French food at home, check out these easy to follow famous French dessert recipes.

Traditional French Foods of The Alps

traditional french foods french alpsThe Alps

Milk and cream play a big part in most of the traditional dishes.

  • Most famous for its cheeses:
  • Emmental, a hard, dry cheese. Looking at the history of French food it’s interesting to learn that the first Emmental was made before 1300 A.D.

    Emmental Cheese ©creative commons

      Beaufort or Guyere de Beaufort

      Reblochon originates from Thônes on Lake Annecy, a mild cheese.

      Fondu au Raisin (has a rind of roasted grape seeds)

      Cheese Fondue is a famous French food dish of the Alps. A melted warm cheese concoction in a pot, you dip your bread into the pot and eat it ; or try raclettes another famous French food dish, or gratin dauphinois one of the popular French foods side dish made with cheese and potatoes.

    • Salt cured and smoked meat: charcuterie, salami, ham, sausages
    • Famous French desserts of the Alps: Gâteau de Savoie (a traditional sponge cake)

    Traditional France Food From Other Regions

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