Paris Culture and Renewal My Two Months in Paris

by Karen

I'm a single woman entering the second half of my life, and had just experienced an extremely hard two year period of my life, filled with loss and adversity. Once things started to straighten out, I felt happy to be moving forward, however my soul had been deflated and joy had left my life.

I decided, against conventional wisdom, to take a two-month sabbatical to Paris, doing nothing except nurturing my soul and trying to regain my joy for life, or as the Parisians say, my "joie de vivre."

Taking this time in Paris, alone, was the best thing I have ever done for myself and I will look back on that time with the greatest happiness. I lived for the moment, allowed myself to get swept into Paris culture, the cadence of Parisian life lingering at cafes and stopping to smell the roses. I filled my days with Paris culture, art, the fabulous food in Paris and long walks. It was heaven on earth.

Thank you Paris, for helping me rediscover my joy.

Here is my home video of some of my favorite photos:

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Jan 28, 2012
Great video!
by: Pat

These are beautiful photos, and a nice trip to Paris from my couch! Makes me want to go there soon. Thanks for sharing!

Jun 12, 2011
Great Story
by: Anonymous

It is inspiring to read this personal story.

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