French Riviera Map
French Riviera Beaches

This French Riviera map gives you a good starting point for deciding where you want to spend your holiday on the beaches in France on the Côte d’Azure. I always need to look at a map to get some perspective. This town…that town but where are they all? Here you can see.

French Riviera Beaches or the Côte d’Azure starts at the border of Italy in Menton and goes all the way to La Ciotat. The French Riviera beaches, towns and hillside villages like the popular Eze France, start at the border of Italy in Menton and go all the way to La Ciotat. One of the famous places in France for chic, rich and famous people. Great nightlife, glamorous French beaches with beautiful French beach women. Menton's warm climate even in winter gives you a great beach weather year round. A multitude of famous French painters drawn to this area for it’s light and color.

French Riviera Map West of Marseille

This French Riviera Map below shows beyond La Ciotat and to the west of Marseille. Sometimes referred to as the Western Riviera although not considered the French Riviera beaches officially. I wanted to include it because although not as chic it has a beautiful coastline, wonderful beaches and fabulous resorts. And, as the custom of French culture dictates, in summer many French choose to take their summer August holiday here. Not as expensive as the French Riviera beaches and less crowded.

In fact when you're on a French beach you're on the most beautiful beach in Europe!

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French wine regions go all the way to the coast. Just a short drive into the countryside.

Where to Stay? Try camping in France on or near the beach. 5 star French campgrounds are like resorts or camp rough under the stars.

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Flying to France? Airports in France that serve the Riviera.

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